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Another Fire, After Walmart SweatShop Collapse

Two Weeks after the Walmart Sweat-Shop Collapse in Saver in Dhaka, Bangladesh, There has been another fire, taking 8 lives. Rest assured, the true numbers are always hidden in the media. The toll count is generally higher, when you have a billion dollar profiteering racket running.

A number of Corporations were involved, hence the system is very tight knit. When you have a consortium of evil, the web is unbreakable. But, there is always a flaw in the web, it has a central weak-point. Hit the weak-point and the whole system will collapse.

Many readers would ask, what happens when the system dies.

People will be set free, it will be better than what we have now. Rather living in a society that promotes human slavery and death. We really need to move on to a better future.

Corporations involved in Bangladesh Sweat-Shop Masscare? The list is huge:

1) Walmart

2) Sears

3) Joe Fresh

4) J.C Penny

5) H&M

6) Benetton

7) Cato Corporation

8) Children’s Place

9 ) Hoffman Estates

10 ) New Wave Bottoms

11) GAP

12) Many more…

The system of evil may seem big, but every system has a flaw.

There is no doubt that this system of near infinite evil cannot be allowed to continue. The people of Bangladesh are victims, and they have been suffering for over a decade. If you think this is an isolated incident, then you are wrong. People have been dying in these Sweatshops for years, and these corporations have complete control over all governments as they can manipulate the governments, the officials, the media and using controlled opposition to suppress all attacks against them.

People have no control over their lives.

Controlled opposition is the ultimate way they have controlled the masses.

When the people do not fight back themselves, then they have no way to get out of the trap that has been built for them.

It is the helplessness created around the people who need money to keep their families alive.

They have no choice but to walk right back into the trap built for their extreme exploitation. It happens everyday.

When such atrocities become a common everyday even, then you know we have hit rock bottom. This is a systematic engineered trap built by these Corporate terrorists who are hell bend in cutting corners, and human lives are a part of it.

Global slavery has become a common thing in the so-called Modern World.

Walmart SweatShop Massacre kills over 1000 in April 2013

Walmart SweatShop Massacre kills over 1000 in April 2013

Tommy Wade

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