Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

Facebook Page and Groups

Facebook page:

India Against Corporatocracy

The world is under siege by the Global corporations that have “mushroomed” because of the unethical tactics they have been using to suppress their crimes in the court of law, and various intimidation techniques to keep people in fear.  This manipulation goes far back into the past, and the destruction of culture around the planet can be understood at a global level. There is a dark force that has conspired to destroy the people of the planet for their personal greed, and they have to be stopped before they corrupt everything in their path. This evil force is known by the term “Zealots” who are known to be the first people on the planet associated with the term “Terrorism”. They have continued their onslaught for thousands of years, and now it has taken a massive proportion that threatens to destroy everything in the world.

Facebook Groups

1) No Walmart in India

This group has been created to collect people to make them understand the destruction happening around them by an unseen force that have kept themselves hidden from sight so they can manipulate the world from the shadows.  Bharti Walmart India is the direct resultant of that evil which has taken the war boldly to a global level, and intends to breakdown all the laws that protect the people to install their evil system of absolute manipulation which feeds of the sweatshops they created in Asian countries. Bangladesh, China, Uzbekistan, and Mexico are just a few names of the countries that have been manipulated to become slaves for generations to come.  They have made sure that the politicians of the country are in their pocket so that they can strangle the people of the country through the tax system to feed their neat infinite greed.

2) No Bharti Walmart in India

This group takes like minded people to make the world become self-aware of the manipulation going on around them. Corporations owned by the zealots have created a systematic plot of entrapment so that they can feed off the lives of the people till the end of time. They are trying to open a perfect system into the country that would allow goods from china to be sold into the country, and the zealots will be the ones who would reap the benefits for hundreds of years to come. This demonic system was created to make them the masters of the world which goes back into the core values of their “Religious texts”. Their warped minds motivates them to corrupt the world for their personal greed, and they will do any thing to make their plans a complete reality.

3) Indians Hate Walmart

There is a growing hatred amongst the people of the country against the manipulators who are pushing their way into the country to install a warped system of infinite greed. They are the same evil monsters that owned the British East India company under the Bourgeois family line who destroyed many lives around the planet. They have become much more efficient at warping people’s minds just for giggles, and maximizing their personal profit. They have been taking over every sphere of life because of the ignorance of the masses. The core of this entrapment lies in the fact that their victim falls into it on their own without realizing that they are going to suffer for years to come. They are lured in for short term profit but they end up selling off their lives for generations to come, and the ones who are weak are used to install the system against the masses.

4)  I hate Walmart With A Passion

This is a group of passionate people who feel that the masses should not be controlled as cattle to feel the never ending greed of the corporations like Walmart. Many poisonous corporate tactics have been used against the people so that the warped system stays in place, and the people behind the crimes stay safe for generations to come. They have become extremely efficient in their crimes, and they have made sure that people remain in the state of despair for years to come. The Gender discrimination lawsuit that went on for years was done to make people feel that they cannot fight against a corporation that has billions at their disposal to survive in the court of law.

5)  Wake up India

This is a group where people of India are coming together to wake up the sleeping populace from the darkness that is destroying their lives. They have been constantly kept in dark by the forces that destroyed their ancestors, and now that same force has taken the next step to accelerate the destruction further. The onslaught of various companies owned by the Zealots have made sure that no one escapes the entrapment that has been set up for the people. The so-called fortune 500 companies are making a rush to corrupt the plant at a whole new level, and they have to be stopped before they become successful in their endeavors.


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