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Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

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What’s next for Walmart & the lot?

Walmart, Carrefour, Tesco, Metro AG and the lot have been planning a number of manipulative ways to expand their poisonous roots into new economies to maximize their profits with old fashioned predatory pricing. Sourcing from a number of sweatshops setup by these corporate terrorists, they intend to feed on economies for quick profits.

These corporations are pure poison – it is an undeniable fact.

Not only for the people that work within the confines of such corporations but also the people they are supposed to serve. With the fake promise of better service, and cheaper goods, they completely destabilize economies by creating massive trade deficit.

This is not a new scam, no.

This has been happening for years, they have have been using the system itself to entrap people. They create controlled opposition to ensure their prey remain under control at all times. They know how to manipulate the politicians, and bend the rules to meet their profiteering agendas. They have been building a number of techniques that has stopped people from fighting back in any conventional manner.

Things are getting bad from worse in many countries as these corporations are using “national debt” to suppress nations with the power of money. This is old fashioned World bank terrorism, and we all are completely aware these brands are controlled by the same group using the share market.

People are kept in the dark about who really owns these corporations, but the source is one. It is a powerful collective effort that has worked against all the communities of the world. This evil plot has been expanding for years all over the planet. It is all about the level of awareness, and these corporate terrorists know the true limits of perception.

The masses can be easily controlled because their perception, and knowledge is limited. 

Those who do become aware of the real magnitude of the problem are laughed at. This is a great game for the manipulators because they have been getting away with their crimes for years, and their evil plot keeps expanding into everyone’s lives.

To balance off the “National Debtyou have to let FDI in. This is the evil ploy!

By installing this mindset — they make their prey walk into their trap on their own.

Most top management are controlled; hence, the people under that specific government are never able to get out this perpetual trap.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India


Tommy Wade

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