Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

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Bharti Walmart is being controlled by the same monsters that owned the British, Dutch, and French East India company. The whole world remembers the atrocities that these monsters committed for generations, and their black pit of greed keeps growing at an exponential rate. They will never stop until they are destroyed completely, once and for all.

Walmart India

Walmart India, Tesco, IKEA, Carrefour and Metro Group are a part of the same global cult of corporatocracy that has created a systematic web of demonic control of human slavery. These monsters have made sure that they eliminate all competition by creating cheap goods in the countries where they installed “Communism” to control their government – China. People have been suffering since the demonic evil reign of “British East India company” which was owned by the same “Zealots” that created such evil concepts so their evil cult can thrive and the rest of humanity will become their cattle.

Walmart India is the product of the same disgusting evil that has destroyed economies that it has entered. They do not have the ability to create any thing positive as their demonic mind revolves around how to make quick profit. These monsters do no care about the lives they step on…

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14 year old children used as labor

The Corporate Zealots have tapped out all of their previous victims that they dried up using their accelerated system of exploitation that enables them to make quick profits over the lives of other people. They have targeted this country, and they have created Bharti Walmart India to tap into the pockets they have their eyes on. These evil monsters have no remorse for the crimes they commit, and they find every possible way to break laws to maintain their profiteering racket.

Their Sweatshops that run on child slavery operate in Saipan, Bangladesh, China, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Nicaragua and many other countries. It always remains hidden from main stream media as it is controlled by “Zealots” as a form of information warfare. Keep your victim in the dark, and they will be forever lost in their web of lies and deception. The monster cult of Zealots will drop to any low so their can maintain their web of lies forever on the world.

Bharti Walmart

Bharti Walmart

Tommy Wade

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