Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

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The Global Corporate Frauds that made their billions, and reached the top by cutting the throats of the common people are making a hard push to reach out for the throats they haven’t slit to sustain their quick profits.

Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India, Tesco, Gap, Macy, H&M, Carrefour, Starbucks,7-eleven, IKEA and Metro AG are the Brand Names that have developed themselves through coercive manipulation of humanity for generations.

Their true mindset can be seen from the elimination of native industries, and the rise in poverty in the regions they enter. Their Economic war tactic lies in subtly, as they manipulate people slowly so that they never realize what happened to them.

Ignorance of the masses has been their ultimate weapon, and they have been feeding off the destruction of the people for hundreds of years. Their true face lies in Europe when the Zealots took over Rome, and installed their “Pretenders” to the thrones slowly.

Through generations of manipulation they took over Europe, created their warped system of lies, and deception so they can rule over humanity forever. They created “Child Slave Labor” in the countries they destroyed under…

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