Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

Walmart India creates predatory prices using Chinese Sweat Shops

 Walmart India , Tesco and carrefour are peas of the same pod who run their engine on systematic exploitation of all economies they enter.  These corporate pirates create the perfect conditions of exploitation which tends to leave no stone unturned. They feed off the destruction they cause in Asian Work houses they created to produce their cheap goods, and they use those cheap goods as cut throat predatory pricing.

Almost all the media of the planet are in the hands of the corporates who’s “profits” are dependent on the point of view of the masses, and hence they will only talk about the best of corporate monsters like Walmart India.

Walmart India

Walmart India

If the situation is talking about human exploitation they are responsible for in the Asian countries, then the media will be twisted in such a way that it will tone the atrocities down considerably so the full impact of reality does not hit the minds of the masses.

This is a powerful psychological warfare played by the Corporate Zealots who only think about their personal profit, while the whole world can burn in hell. They could care less about the problems that the people connected to their system, and they are more than happy to exploit them further if they are given the chance to do so in the future.

Massive corporate beasts like Walmart India, Tesco and carrefour can never be expected to to the right thing for humanity because they are nothing but fuel for their empty souls and never ending greed.

Walmart India

Walmart India

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6) Walmart sweatshops in China ~ Hidden Face of Globalization


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