Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

Walmart India and Tesco kills all small businesses in the area

Walmart India and Tesco are the kind of Global Shopping centers that kills all the businesses in the area till they are the only place left to shop. They claim that they are bringing in prosperity but all they do is transform the area into a ghost town. Their corporate ideology of absolute exploitation and elimination of all business has been seen around the world. They have set their sights on this country which they have not corrupted with their dark ideology of exploitation and the common people have been fighting them back. Many of their sources tend to claim that it is “Capitalism” that has driven Walmart India out, but their deception will not last as people will keep speaking out.

This is a fraudulent organization which has created its warped empire solely on the basis of human exploitation, and they have no intentions of changing the habits any time soon. If they really wanted to change, then they would not have hacked my blog when i was writing against them. This is a basic proof that these corporate monsters will go to any depths of corruption to keep the truth at bay so they can come in and feed off the destruction they create.

They tend to destroy smaller retailers in the areas with their cheap Chinese made goods. The Chinese had been cultivated as cheap labor since the days of  British East India company which was owned by German Jew Rothschild. They planted Communism to suppress Buddhism and use this ideology to make the common people of China into their slaves today. This evil plan is very ancient and its dark inevitability can be seen all around the world as evil corporations like Tesco and Walmart.

Walmart India

Walmart India

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