Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

Walmart India Exposed by Mc Lar’s Walmart Nation

Walmart India has inspired many people to oppose their dark reign upon humanity, and they have started rising up against this humongous corporate tick which only knows to grow itself by feeding off the blood of the common people all over the world. Their true ideology and corporate ethics have been exposed by many people which even includes Mc Lars music – Walmart Nation.

Walmart Nation is a documentary made specifically to expose the dark roots of this poisonous corporate beast which has destroyed many lives around the world, and continues its evil plans on the rest of the world.

Walmart India

Walmart India


Come gather around kids…
Did you know that everythings bigger here in America
We’ve got the biggest cars, the biggest buildings
And even the biggest corporate empires
Why don’t I tell you a story about a store,
Started in Arkansas about 40 years ago
And this store would become one of the biggest corporations in the country
But you know what they always say… Nothing is ever perfect

Fred Johnson is barely getting by in life
He’s got 4 different kids with 4 different wives
Just a working class man, the backbone of america
Who’s gotta feed his progeny Mary, Mark and Erica
Mark has the flu and Mary’s got an ear infection
So Fred gets a job at Wal-mart in the home and garden section
Wishes he were compensated when he worked overtime
Or at least he’d be paid above the poverty line
He’s got mouths to feed, alimony to pay
So he shows up on time and goes home late every day
When he gets his first check he can’t believe his eyes
Like he was Piggy and Wal-mart was Lord of the Flies
He’s a hard working dude but can’t understand
Why the Wal’s worth 10 billion and he’s still a starving man
He qualifies for medical in 2 more years
But for now he uses Tylenol to ease his kids tears
(now remind me why I took this job again)

This is how we do it in a wal-mart nation
Corporate ethics out the door in a wal-mart nation
Shutting down the mom and pop’s with no hesitation
Pay our workers next to nothing in a wal-mart nation
Welcome to the high cost of a low price… we’re here to stay

Yo ho, yo ho a Wal-mart life for me
But predatory pricing is corporate piracy
But hey we let it go cause the prices are so low
They sell discounts by the pound and it just goes to show
A corporate empire for the modern ages
But now they pay Americans third world wages
The sweatshirt that you bought in South Carolina
Was made in a sweatshop in Beijing, China
Spending Billions a year on Chinese trade
It supports the deficit but but Robbie Waltons got it made
They give millions to the president and he loves them back
How can democrats complain when they even hire blacks
Sex discrimination, women never get promotions (never)
Employ illegal aliens, never a commotion
With the Christian right, so thier contraseptive free
Veggie-Tales on DVD won’t prevent teen pregnancy (Sorry Ladies)


(in an unprecedented acquisition Wal-mart has purchased the entire city of New York. Discussions are now underway to change the cities name to New Wal-Mart.
New York Citizens are reminded the company has nothing but benevolent intentions for them and if they don’t like it they are free to leave)

Dear Fred,
We’d like to thank you for your long term dedication
Working 20 years in the same location
To show appreciation for being on our team
Heres a coupon for 2 pints of chocolate ice cream
Freds almost 80 mow with a painful Pleurisy
No more currency in social security
His kids work @ wal-mart, what else would they do?
Cause no one else is hiring in 2062 (go wal-mart, it’s your birthday)


Well kids that’s the story of wal-mart…
Always low prices, always taking advantage of people.
Sleep tight now you hear?

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Tommy Wade

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