Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corporate terrorist that profiteers via Child Labor, Bribery, warping information and predatory pricing.

Walmart India generates profit from Child labor in Bangladesh

Walmart India is a Global corporation that saw its astronomical rise to the top by pushing the rest of the people of the world down to the bottom. These “Global racist” use all means necessary to “Dominate” competition and put them out of business with the most rotten tactics that you can begin to imagine. It also includes the creation of Sweat shops in countries of Asia like China and Bangladesh.  They may pretend that they do not know about the exploitation, but rest assured that they are the ones behind this poisonous exploitation of human life.

Using Children as labor is the proof that they can drop to all extreme to cut the throats of their competition. Children are the future of the world, and if they are exploited for mere profit for a global corporation, then we definitely have no future ahead, if they are not stopped in their tracks.

Walmart India

Walmart India

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Tommy Wade

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